FAQs – White Mobile SIM

The White Mobile SIM Card is a Pay-As-You-Go SIM Card that offers a great-value service for local and international calls, SMS and data at extremely low rates.

We offer a great quality service with a range of tailor-made bundle options.

The White Mobile SIM Card can be ordered here and is free of charge.

You can top-up your SIM online

You can order your free SIM online here.

Once, you’ve received your SIM, you can top-up online

You can also top-up from many retail outlets throughout the UK wherever you see these signs:


Please use our PayPoint store locator to find your nearest store.

Insert your White Mobile SIM Card into your mobile and switch it on. ‘White” or  “EE”’ will appear on your mobile screen. If this does not happen, you may need to restart your phone.

You will then need to activate your SIM by making an outgoing call to any number, sending a text or browsing the Internet.

Once complete, you will receive an SMS confirming your SIM is active. You are now ready to use White Mobile and to start benefiting from our fantastically low rates!

You can either:

  1. Dial 1250 from your White Mobile and follow the simple instructions.
  2. Dial *125# and press “Call”. Your balance will be displayed on your mobile screen.
  3. SMS “BAL” to 1250. You will receive a reply giving you your balance.

There are various options to choose from:

1. In Store

Top-up vouchers are available in denominations of £2, £5, £10 and £20 and can be purchased from many retail outlets throughout the UK, wherever you see these signs displayed:


To top-up using your voucher, you can:

a) Dial *125*PIN# and press Send (Example *125*123456789012# and press Send);


b) Dial 1250 and select option 2;


c) SMS ‘TOP’ PIN#to 1250, (Example TOP 123456789012 and press Send to 1250).


2. Online
Once you have activated your SIM, you can top-up online here.

We accept the following payment methods:


You also have the option to set up  ‘auto top-up’ or ‘low balance top-up’ services

a) Auto top-up

Select how often and the amount your account is topped up with – giving you complete control of your SIM credit!

b) Low Balance top-up

Never run out of credit again! When your credit reaches a minimum level of your choosing, your SIM can be topped up automatically.

3. Over the phone

Register for over the phone top-ups by dialling 1250 from your White Mobile SIM Card for FREE and select option 3.

Your details will be stored so topping up next time will be even quicker! Each time you use this service you will be sent an SMS confirming your top-up.

4. One Touch

Register online or over the phone, then save this string of numbers as a contact on your phone, called TOPUP, for example.

*125*1*<topupamount>*<last 4 digits of registered credit/debit card>#

So for a £10 top-up, your string might read *1250*1*10*5557# for example. Simply dial this contact and you will have topped up!

Bundles are the best way to get the most out of your White Mobile SIM Card. By purchasing one of our tailor-made bundles, you can enjoy a range of voice, national/ International, roaming and data bundles.

Click here to check available bundles. Its quick and easy to buy a bundle by sending an SMS, directly from your White Mobile.

Many modern smartphones will configure your data settings automatically. If they don’t simply configure your handset’s data settings as explained below.

Input the following APN (Access Point Name) in your settings:

APN: tslpaygnet
USERNAME: (leave blank)
Password: (leave blank)

You may also refer to your handset user guide or call Customer Services if you need further help.

For iPhones
To set up data access you need to download our data set-up file.

For iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4G, 4GS handsets – connect to Wi-Fi, view this webpage in Safari on your iPhone and download the following configuration file.

For iPhone 5, 6 & 7 handsets – connect to Wi-Fi, view this webpage in Safari on your iPhone and download the following configuration file.

Then follow these steps:

STEP 1: Tap the “Install” button


STEP 2: Tap the “Install Now” button


STEP 3: This screen shows the file was installed successfully, your data access and set-up is now complete.


All other handsets:

For MMS (Multi Media Service) settings:

You can use MMS on your White Mobile, allowing you to send small pictures or files to other phones (up to 300KB per message).The MMS service is automatically activated with the activation of your White Mobile SIM.

However, to ensure you can use the MMS service, you will need to set up the data connection settings on your handset as follows:

Your MMS settings are as follows:

APN: tslmms
Username: empty
Password: empty
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8080
MMS url: http://mms

Please call Customer Services on 500 if you need further help.

Yes, it’s easy. Simply complete this form or follow these steps:

  1. Contact the Customer Service department of your existing provider, tell them you wish to change provider and ask them for your PAC code. Check with them that there is no charge for providing this service.
  2. Once you receive your PAC code, call White Mobile Customer Services on 500 from your White Mobile and one of our agents will help you to begin the transfer process or submit your porting request
  3. Once your number is live with White Mobile (which usually takes 2 working days) we will send you a text to let you know. In the mean time you can still use your White Mobile with the number that was originally provided.

If you’re looking for a bundle to a specific destination, please check to see if one is available. We also offer a number of voice bundles that include minutes to many international destinations.

The following international destinations are included with bundles ‘All Rounder 250, 500 or 1000’, ‘Call 400’ and ‘Spot On’


Andorra Landline
Argentina Landline
Australia Landline
Austria Landline & Mobile


Bahrain Landline
Bangladesh Landline & Mobile
Belgium Landline
Brazil Landline
Brunei Landline & Mobile
Bulgaria Landline


Cambodia Landline & Mobile
Canada Landline & Mobile
China Landline & Mobile
Colombia Landline
Costa Rica Landline
Croatia Landline
Czech Republic Landline


Denmark Landline


Finland Landline
France Landline


Germany Landline
Gibraltar Landline
Greece Landline


Hong Kong Landline & Mobile
Hungary Landline


India Landline & Mobile
Indonesia Landline and Mobile
Ireland Landline
Israel Landline & Mobile
Italy Landline


Japan Landline


Kazakhstan Landline
South Korea Landline & Mobile


Latvia Landline
Lithuania Landline & Mobile
Luxemburg Landline


Malaysia Landline & Mobile
Malta Landline
Martinique Landline
Mexico Landline
Morocco Landline


Netherlands Landline
New Zealand Landline,
Norway Landline


Panama Landline
Paraguay Landline
Peru Landline
Poland Landline & Mobile
Portugal Landline & Mobile
Puerto Rico Landline


Romania Landline & Mobile


Singapore Landline & Mobile
Slovakia Landline
South Africa Landline
Spain Landline
Sweden Landline
Switzerland Landline


Taiwan Landline
Thailand Landline & Mobile
Turkey Landline


USA Landline & Mobile


Venezuela Landline & Mobile
US Virgin Island Landlines

For further details contact our customer support team by dialing 500 from your White Mobile or 0330 001 1384 from any other phone.

If you have activated your White Mobile SIM PIN code and then entered the wrong PIN code into your White Mobile three times in a row, your SIM card will automatically lock. In this case you must enter your PUK code.

To obtain your PUK code, please call our Customer Services team on 0330 001 1384 (or +44 330 001 1384 from abroad).

Your White Mobile voicemail service is automatically activated with the activation of your SIM card.

With White Mobile voicemail you can:

  1. Listen to messages left for you.
  • Dial 555 from your White Mobile in the UK.
  1. Record a personalised voicemail greeting message.
  • Dial 555 from your White Mobile and follow the voice prompts for further instructions.
  1. Set your voicemail PIN code to access voicemail from other phones or from abroad
  • Dial your White Mobile number. When you hear the welcome messages press * and follow the instructions.


To access your voicemail from other phones and while abroad you will need to set up your voicemail PIN code. You can do this by dialling 555 and following the voice prompt for further instructions.

You can store up to 30 messages for up to 90 days (the maximum message length is 2 minutes).

If you were an EE user prior to joining White Mobile, your phone will already be unlocked for use with White Mobile. Simply insert your White Mobile SIM and start up.

If this is not the case, your mobile handset will need to be unlocked. Handsets are often locked, to prevent use with other networks SIM cards, when sold with a contract.

If you see a message like ‘Enter Unlock Code’ or ‘Contact Service Provider’, when you first put your White Mobile SIM card in to your phone, you may need to contact your previous provider to obtain your handset unlock sequence, sometimes this is referred to as a subsidy PIN.

There are many other places where you can have you handset unlocked. We recommend visiting your local mobile phone shop for more advice.

To prevent unwanted use of your credit, you can set a PIN code on your SIM card by following the security options in your handset settings (this will be different to your handset PIN code).

The default SIM card PIN is set to 0000, if you make a mistake and get it wrong three times in a row, don’t worry! You can request your PUK code from White Mobile Customer Services on 0330 001 1384. They will also talk you through using this PUK code if you are at all unsure about it.

No, currently we do not offer Premium SMS with White Mobile. We do, however, offer Premium Calling as part of our service, which includes calls to 09 numbers.

When on a call using White Mobile, Call Waiting will let you know that someone else is trying to reach you. When on a call you will hear a tone and the number of the person calling you will be displayed on your screen, at which point you can then choose to answer or reject the call.

If you choose to answer the call, your first call will be placed on hold and you can then use your phone’s menu to switch between calls. Most phones allow you to swap back and forth between calls by simply pressing the Answer button.

Yes! Your White Mobile SIM card is automatically activated for international roaming.

You can also access your voicemail and Customer Services when you’re overseas, although some networks may require you to dial the full international number, which we have already stored in your SIM card phone book.

If you don’t wish to be charged for mobile data, you should ensure that this is switched off within your handset settings while abroad.

Your White Mobile SIM will be automatically deactivated if a chargeable call, text or data usage is not made for 60 days. You will receive a warning text message 21 days before it is due to be deactivated, and another message the day before it is due to be deactivated.

If this happens we are unfortunately unable to reconnect your SIM.
If you are travelling or not going to use your SIM for more than 60 days, please contact Customer Services and request for this 60 day period to be extended.

You will need to provide us with the following information, so we can verify your details for security purposes:

• Your White Mobile SIM Card number
• Your name and address
• Your last top-up amount and the type of top-up you have done
• A number and country you usually call from your White Mobile
• An alternative contact number (we might need to contact you to verify some details for security purposes)

When dialling abroad, the number you are calling should be prefixed with “+” or “00″ followed by the country code and the number you are trying to call e.g. when you are roaming and want to call a number already saved in your phone book at 0207 123 4567, you will need to dial 0044 207 123 4567

OUR BUNDLE RULES HAVE CHANGED! YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO WAIT 30 DAYS BEFORE SUBSCRIBING TO A NEW BUNDLE, YOU CAN DO SO RIGHT AFTER YOU HAVE USED UP ALL YOUR MINUTES, TEXTS OR DATA.  Simply top-up your SIM again if necessary, and text the relevant code to1250 to purchase your next bundle.

You can now also have more than one bundle on your phone at a time, provided that the two bundles are either:

a) a standard voice bundle and an international bundle, or

b) a data bundle and an international bundle.

When sending a text to purchase one of our bundles, please note that the code is case sensitive. You will need to have sufficient credit on your White Mobile in order to purchase your bundle. Bundle subscriptions are not recurring, so you will have to purchase another bundle when you have used up all your minutes, texts or data, or when the expiry date is reached. When you have used the allocated minutes, texts or data provided by your bundle, standard White Mobile rates will apply until you purchase another bundle. Please note: should you purchase a new bundle of the same type as you already have on your phone, (for example data, standard or international bundle) before the expiry date on this current bundle is reached, your new bundle allocation of minutes, texts and data will completely replace your remaining allowance on your old bundle, it is not cumulative.

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