FAQs - White Calling Card

The White Calling Card is a service that allows you to initiate international calls at very low rates by dialling an access number first.

Using your White Calling Card is easy:

Step 1: Dial the access number best for you

Step 2: Enter your PIN number (you’ll find it on the back of your card)
Card - PIN number

Step 3: Enter the number you wish to dial

For calls outside the UK dial 00 + country code + area code + number.
For calls within the UK always dial the area code e.g. 020, 01273 etc.

You can buy a new White Calling Card PIN online

Alternatively you can purchase your White Calling Card and top-up vouchers which are available from many retail outlets throughout the UK.

Vouchers are available in denominations of £1, £2, £2.50, £5, £10 and £20 and can be bought wherever you see the following signs:

image001   image002   image007

You can top-up your White Calling Card online by clicking here.

We accept the following payment methods:


Alternatively you can top-up your recharge card with either £2.50, £5, £10 or £20 at over 50,000 retail outlets throughout the UK wherever you see one of the following signs:

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We provide you with various options to access our services through different access numbers. This allows the user to determine which number is best for them to make the most cost effective call.

Below is a summary of the various White Calling and standard access numbers and most frequently used call types for the respective numbers.



Freephone Access Numbers: 0800 097 0266 / 0800 097 6007

– This number is generally not charged when called from a land line

– From a UK mobile starting 07 a surcharge of 1.5p per minute will apply

– All calls made to 0800 access number will be subject to a one off answer charge of 0.35p per call. This charge is effective from 2nd November 2016 and based on new charges brought in by BT Telecom.

– From a payphone a surcharge of 65p applies for all calls. This is a charge that has been imposed by the payphone operators and, unfortunately, something that is beyond our control (from a payphone we recommend that you use the 0330 or 0207 access numbers where possible)


Local Access Numbers: 0330 001 0266 / 0330 001 0021

– This is the best access number to use when you have inclusive/bundle minutes from either your mobile or fixed line provider. This allows you to make use of your inclusive/bundle minutes and take advantage of the best rates White Calling Card has to offer

– Please note, once inclusive minutes have been used, your mobile or fixed line provider will charge you for dialling this number

– All 0330 numbers are treated the same as 01/02 numbers by both fixed and mobile providers


Local Access Numbers: 0207 097 0266 / 0207 097 6007

– This access number is generally used when you have inclusive/bundle minutes from either your mobile or fixed line provider thus allowing you to make use of your inclusive/bundle minutes

Please note, once inclusive minutes have been used, your mobile or fixed line provider will charge you for dialling this number


National Access numbers: 0845 025 0266 / 0845 025 6007

– Generally used when you have 0845 calls included in your fixed line monthly package



Freephone Access Number: 0800 097 0023

Local Access Number: 0126 498 4459
Please note: White Calling Card do not take responsibility for any charges incurred for dialling any of the access numbers. Please check with your service provider for these charges.

When you purchase and/or top-up a PIN on this site, it will be listed under “My PINs” in your account. An email will also be sent to you with the PIN on. If you have a recharge card, your PIN will be listed on the back of the card.

If you still cannot find your PINs, please call us on 0330 001 0488 for help.

At White Calling Card we have no monthly or daily fees, no contract to sign and no credit checks!

When dialling abroad the number should be prefixed with “+” or “00″ followed by the country code and the number you are trying to reach e.g. when you are roaming and want to reach a number already saved in your phone book as“0207 123 4567” you will need to dial “0044 207 123 4567”

While no operator can offer 100% guaranteed service due to reliance on other telephony companies, we have a team working 24hr/day 365 days a year ensuring quality checks are in place to help avoid poor quality lines and give you the best possible call experience.

However, if you do happen to experience a poor connection, please call Customer Services on 0330 001 0488 and let us know the number you are trying to call.

For all White Calling cards, credit expires 180 days after you’ve made your first call.

To contact the White Calling Card customer service team call 0330 001 0488.

Our customer service lines are open from 9am – 6pm, 365 days a year.

Alternatively you can email us at ask@whitecalling.com

White Connect offers a range of products and services that can be purchased using your White Calling credit.

You can share your White Connect account with your friends and family worldwide so they can benefit too!

Benefits include:

International Mobile Top-up: top-up your loved ones’ phones around the world



Why not lend a helping hand to some very deserving charities by either making a one-off donation or giving your left over credit?

White Connect currently supports:

– The Gary Kirsten Foundation – the focus of the Gary Kirsten Foundation is on the creation of sporting ecosystems and healthy alternatives for township communities in South Africa, by providing quality infrastructure that is safe and accessible to people in the townships.

– Lebone House, a holistic care centre for children infected/affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic, opened in Bloemfontein, South Africa in May 2000.

Learn how you can make a difference by donating just a small amount of your White Calling credit.

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