White Calling App

The White Calling app is the ideal solution for iOS and Android users looking for reliable, low cost international calling.

White Calling app

Low cost international calls worldwide with the quality and reliability of a regular call.

  • Free credit when you download – try us out!
  • Connect via local number, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G
  • Invite Friends and earn £5 free credit when they top-up!
  • Use credit from a White Calling Card on the app
  • No need to carry two phones or SIM swap

Who's it for?

  • iPhone and Android Users
  • No need for the person you are calling to have the app
  • Local access number great for anyone with monthly inclusive minutes
  • Wi-Fi is ideal if you are on Pay-As-You-Go, if you have poor mobile network coverage or when you are travelling abroad
  • Choose 3G/4G option if you don’t want to use your operator’s call allowance or if you have a large mobile data allowance from your network.

What our customers say

Moses Ade

Excellent app, great call quality

Daniyal Butt

I use it to speak to my girlfriend in Brazil from England and works perfect. Brilliant app.

Filomeno Pereira

Best overseas calling app! Easy to use. Would recommend it to everyone

International Mobile Top-up
Transfer your White Calling credit to any phone around the world!
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Want to use a calling card?

Our international calling card can be used with or without the app

Check out our Calling Card >

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