White Calling Card

The UK’s most trusted calling card, loved by hundreds of thousands of customers across the country.

White Calling Card

Who's it for?

  • People who want the flexibility of a calling card
  • Anyone that wants to budget their international calls
  • Ideal if you want to call from a landline or other
  • Great for family members that want to call abroad
    but perhaps don’t have a smartphone

What our customers say

Samit P

I use White Calling cards all the time because of the cheap rates and clear line

Rohan V

I’ve saved my PIN so calling my mum back home is really easy as I just dial the number 🙂

S. Suri

I’ve tried different calling cards, but I like White so much. And their Customer Service team are helpful.

International Mobile Top-up
Transfer your White Calling credit to any phone around the world!
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World Calling

Use your White Calling credit in over 60 countries and pay the same low rates as you would from UK Learn more >

We've moved from whitemobile.com to whitecalling.com, please update your feeds & links!
We've moved from whitecallingcard.com to whitecalling.com, please update your feeds & links!